GO FLYER - 15 Minutes

Experience flying the 737 flight simulator for 15 minutes. You will have the controls and executea take-off from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Subang Airport.

SKY FLYER - 30 Minutes

Experience flying the 737 flight simulator for 30 minutes. You will have the controls and execute a take-off from an airport of your choice, fly a circuit and land at the same airport.


Experience flying the 737 flight simulator for 60 minutes. You will have the controls and execute a sector to sector flight. You will take-off from an airport of your choice and complete a flight from one airport to another. Perhaps perform a series of take-offs and landings. Whatever your choice.


Sky Simulator ProFlyer Club
Enrol and join the ProFlyer Club and learn to fly like a pro! Once trained, you’ll fly without the aid, or presence, of a Sky Simulator Instructor.


Sky Simulator Experience

Sky Simulator brings you a highly realistic flight simulator experience that one could only dream of. An experience one can never forget, with its close replica of a real 737 NG cockpit with ultra-realistic outside High Definition visuals, realistic sound and an accurate cockpit environment.

Operates in a truly exciting niche, Sky simulator is using cockpit sonic 737 NG aircraft simulator that is the closest replica of an actual 737 NG cockpit, flight dynamics and outside visuals. With the varieties of packages and flying with our very own experienced instructors, no one can resist the ultimate excitement of flying with Sky Simulator. You can either take 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 60 minutes flight packages and experience yourself.

We also provide courses for those who would like to learn more on handling a 737 NG and enhance their pilot skills. The courses consist of 3 stages, which are Basic Proflyer Course, Advance Proflyer Course, and Pre-Flight Proflyer Course. You must complete the Basic Proflyer Course before completing Advance Proflyer Course. You must complete the Basic and Advance Proflyer Course before taking the Pre-Flight Proflyer Course.

Sky Simulator packages and merchandise can be made as a gift to your loved ones or to your friends. Not only that, we have merchandise for you to purchase and give them as a souvenir or a birthday gift! Why wait, sign up as one for our club members and get discounts on your next package or when you buy our merchandise.



"Don't hesitate. It's a MUST place to be, experience and enjoy. Will not tell you more as I want you all to experience the excitement. For sure you will love it."

Kuoyang Chen

"As a plane enthusiast, it doesnt get any better than this. To sit and experience what a pilot would do to bring all holiday goers and business man to their destinations. The responsibility is high, steps being taught during my proflyer course really opened up my eye. Its great fun to fly and enclosed in a jungle of switches buttons and knobs. Instructor was very friendly and yes of course very patient. 1 pro flyer course down. 2 more to go. will definitely come back for more!!! Try it!!!!!!"

David Lim

"It was a present to my son. His ambition is to become a pilot. He really enjoyed piloting the aircraft with companion of humble and polite instructor. Definitely will give my self a try."

Jimmy Saiful

"Enjoyble experiance and great instructor's guide. Landing at St. Maarten was so satified and smooth. Looking foreward to next visit with a great discount and awsome merchandise. Jimy will collect flight hour again. All the best to Sky Simulator!!!"

Rizal bin Mohd

”I had some much fun & amazing experience when I've been given the chance to sit on the Captain's seat on my birthday. Thanks very much to SkySimulator team. Soar High...

Raja Azlan Jafri

”Rugi tak cuba....when there just now....my wife has xperienced it...amazing.”

Shahrul Fadly

”Friendly staff, great facility and my instructor yesterday made the experience outstanding. It was great fun, realistic and amazing. The reality of the experience and the excellent instructor, allow me to feel in the control of something that is so much more than a simulator. I will be back for sure.”