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In recent years, the ability of consumers to experience a real jet airliner flight deck has effectively gone. While the opportunity to pilot a jet aircraft is difficult and expensive for most people, aviation and flight still amaze and excite most consumers. To ensure Sky Simulator caters to all consumer groups, we offer a range experiences for consumers.

Sky Simulators was founded in May 2013 by an entrepreneur together with his friend who have been known to have pilot background at the back of his hand. Together they form their best interest together in flying and wanting to share the experience with the public. In which, they have decided to go with Sky Simulator where the designs are highly realistic flight simulator.

Sky Simulator provides you pilots as the instructors. With their knowledge and experience, our instructors will be able to guide you in flying the 737NG flight simulator. We know that our customer wants and wished to go to the captain cockpit and see what it is like and not only that, you are also able to take control and “fly” the 737 NG flight simulator.

With Sky Simulator, you will have the same feel. The experience is so close to real life that Aviation Training Organizations, and some Airlines, use the Flight Simulator to help train real pilots. It is a great experience for you, also a great gift for your family and friends. To those who wants to practice their skills before applying a job at any major Airlines, this is your chance. Practice makes perfect for you and Sky Simulator.