Fly Like A Pro


Enroll and join the ProFlyer Club and learn to fly like a pro! Once trained, you’ll fly without the aid, or presence, of a Sky Simulator Instructor. You’ll be able to fly your friends, family or work colleagues to over 24,000 destinations around the world.

You will be trained in all aspects of flying our simulator, following a process similar for flying a 737NG jet airliners for a fraction of the cost!.

Upon enrolling, you will receive

  • ProFlyer Training Manual.
  • Special FREE gift.
  • Lifetime ProFlyer Membership.
  • 20% Discount for Flight Packages.
  • 10% Discount for Sky Simulator Merchandises

Basic Proflyer Course

Basic ProFlyer will teach you to be capable of flying Circuits. This enables members to Take-off, Fly circuits and land at airports in cities anywhere in the world that is capable of operating the 737NG. You will also be thought in how to operate the Auto Pilot.

*Time required: Approximately 2 hours in the simulator.  

RM 638

Advance Proflyer Course

Advance ProFlyer will teach you to be capable of flying SECTORS. This enables members to fly a City-to-City sector flight. You will be thought on using the replica 737NG Navigation System and automation. You will also be thought on how to program the FMC (Flight Management Computer).

*Time required: Approximately 3 hours in the simulator.  

RM 938

Pre-Flight Proflyer Course

Pre-Flight ProFlyer involves pre-flight, engine start-up and shutdown procedure from a COLD STATE. You will learn how to perform a push back and taxing to the runway. You will also learn to operate the primary and aft overhead panels.

*Time required: Approximately 2 hours in the simulator.  

RM 638

Frequent Ask Questions:

How to join ProFlyer Course?

You can sign up for the course(s) buy clicking the Learn Now button above or visit us at our outlet. 

After completing all courses, can I fly a real aircraft?

No. You can only fly a Simulator like a Pro !

Any certificate provided?

Yes. You will get a certificate, if you passed the check-ride (exam).

After completing all courses, what will I receive ?

You will received the ProFlyer Wing. and you are able to fly our simulator without the guide of an instructor.

Can I use ProFlyer certificate to apply for a pilot job?


Can I skip sequence of ProFlyer course(s)?

Must be in sequence. 1-> Basic ProFlyer. 2-> Advance ProFlyer. 3-> Pre-Flight ProFlyer

If I fail the exam, what can I do ?

You need to re-take that exam, additional charge applies.

Earn Your Wing !

Get this ProFlyer Wing upon completion of all 3 Courses (Basic, Advance, Pre-Flight)