Flight Packages

Flight Packages

SimFlyer Club Silver, Gold, Platinum member, kindly proceed to counter to purchase Flight Packages.

Choose your preference and enjoy flying 737NG aircraft simulator that closely replicates an actual 737NG cockpit, flight dynamics and outside visuals. But don’t worry, you will not be handling the flight alone, an instructor will help you go through with all the basic steps needed.

Go Flyer

RM 13015 minutes

Experience flying the 737NG flight simulator for 15 minutes. You will have the controls and execute a take-off from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Subang Airport.

Ultimate Flyer

RM 33060 minutes

Experience flying the 737NG flight simulator for 60 minutes. You will have the controls and execute a take-off from an airport of your choice and complete flight from one airport to another. Whatever your choice!

Frequent Ask Questions:

Who can try this ?

Anyone. We are open to the public.

Any age limit to fly?

We don’t have any age limit. Anyone can fly ! 

Can I try this without any experience before?

Yes. Our professional instructor will guide you.

Can I buy this as a gift?

Yes, you can. You will receive a gift voucher that looks like a boarding pass. FREE postage within Malaysia (T&C Applied).

Where is Sky Simulator ?

This simulator come with motion?

Due to safety reasons, our simulator is a fixed base simulator with no motion. However, our pilot seat does vibrate. 

Are we allowed to take photos or videos inside the cockpit?

Yes, you can

How many people are allowed in the cockpit?

We allow only the person that will be flying plus another 2 of your guest, total 3 person allowed.

Does the other 2 of my guest (back seat) need to pay as well?

No. They are your guest, therefore it is free of charge.

Can my 2 quest take control as well?

Unfortunately No. If your 2 quest wants to take control, they must purchase a package.