Jomfly Card

Purchase our JomFly Card !
You get to fly 3 times for 30 mins for just RM 150 Only !
While stock last !

Purchase our JomFly Card for RM 150 and you get to fly our Sky Flyer 30 mins package for 3 times. Worth RM 540 (saving of RM 390). Truly worth it ! 

Just bring the card to redeem your flights.

Frequent Ask Questions:

Q: After I purchase this JomFly Card, can I allow my friend or family to also fly and use the card ? 
A: Yes, as long as the flight packages has not been use. Once all the 3 Sky Flyer 30 mins has been used, the card will no longer be valid.

Q: Where can I purchase the JomFly Card ?
A: You can purchase online or at our outlet.

Q: If I purchase online, do you post the card to me ? 
A: If you purchase online, we don’t send the card to you. You can pickup the card from our outlet when you book a flight. Just show us the online purchase receipt and we will provide you the card. 

Q: What is the validity of the card ?
A: The JomFly Card is valid until 31st July 2018. You must use and redeem all the 3 Sky Flyer 30 mins by 31st July 2018. 

Q: Can I redeem the 2 of the 30 mins together so that I can fly for 60 mins ?
A: Yes you can. You can also redeem all 3 of the 30 mins and you can fly for 90 mins if you want. 

Q:  How do I book for my flight ?
A: You can contact us to book your flight. 

Q: Must I bring the JomFly Card everytime I want to redeem my flight ?
A: Yes, you must bring the card when you want to redeem you flight